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Aries Rising


For the majority of my life and career, I’ve succeeded at keeping distant from everyone I ever was involved with.

Being a former gang member, you hone the DTA instinct after a while, choosing to ONLY look after yourself.

And that’s how I lived until the day I met Chris Scarpa, the one man that saw the real me behind the pragmatic mask, saw the girl that only wanted the chance to love and be loved in return.

And that girl got her wish, until one day in Iraq, while on assignment for the Bureau, Chris, my partner, my lover, and my heart took a bullet for me in the heart, and died.

A huge part of me died that day, and from then on, I chose to keep myself closed off from everyone and everything, focusing on work and work only.

It’s amazing how running black ops does wonder for your soul, circumventing your grief into senseless violence...killing drug lords…killing the upper echelon of the Yakuza organization in Tokyo, among other things.

I closed myself off, spiritually shutting the door between myself and the outside world.

Johnston is my name, Jennifer Johnston.

But you may know me by my code name: Aries.

Aries Rising.

Aries was a name I’d had since my teen years, that’d been my gang name, the leader’d really liked horoscopes for an odd reason.

When I left the life and turned to good, so to speak, I joined up with the Bureau, and six months after I’d joined, I was paired with Chris.

He was the first I knew of happiness in a very long time..and in a blink of an eye he was taken from me.

As I grieved, I slipped into the shadows, becoming even more of a stealth operative, being the one the Bureau’d send when other agents couldn’t or wouldn’t, going against the lowest of the low.

Everything was clockwork, cold and ruthless, I didn’t have to face the pain in my heart, the agony in my soul.

Then one day, I received orders for my next mission, to take out a rogue IRA operative named Johnny O’ Donnell, the mission seemed easy enough.

Or so I thought.


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