Jennifer (xariesgirl78x) wrote,

It's been a long time....'s been ages since I wrote on here. Things have improved, I've gotten a lot of the bills paid off, still a few left to come, but I'm taking care of stuff as I go. Nobody can say that I'm not tryin'.

Still miss Mom TONS. That'll never ever change. I choose to not have anything to do with my father.

He wasn't there for Mom when she needed him..wasn't there for us.

Why should I be there for him?

I know, as a Christian I'm supposed to forgive and forget...but some damn grudges die hard.

Other than taking care of house stuff I've been downloading tunes, tweeting up a ruckus, and writing, especially a fic my friend Deb's been betaing for me.

I'll be posting it on here in just a minute, the first chapter anyway.

I hope people like what they read, this is one story that's really involved me, one character that's spoken the loudest in my imagination.

Writing kinda helps you get your feelings out. It's helped me A LOT.

I got DSL now instead of Dial-Up...fixed it all by myself...

I got frustrated at the technician who was SUPPOSED to help me, didn't really give me much help at all, telling me what I found was wrong, her way was the right way.

Ended up using up ALL my cell phone minutes. UGH.

Its amazing that someone with a foreign accent, when they're on the telephone, they absolutely positively CANNOT understand a Southern accent.

Like the guy in Sweet Home Alabama said; "I may talk slow but I ain't stupid."

On the dating front...things are still nonexistent. Although I have gotten looked at by a couple of really cute guys, to whom I returned said look.

Looking never hurts.

Somedays I worry I'll die alone, others..I say who cares if I'm single? I'm cool regardless.

I'm avoiding going to church tomorrow, because this one old dude has been really hacking on me for some dumb reason.

He doesn't get why I'm not gallivanting from here and there, why I'm either at home or in town, saying "You need to travel."

He first started off with the words "I'm going to get in your business."

I thought "Oh hell...what now?"

I live my life simply and quietly. I'm bashful. I have a pronounced accent...some people who know me will tell you I don't speak very loud.

I'm not a little tiny person, nor am I enormous. I fit somewhere in the middle of the line.

At least I look like a woman, you know?

Sometimes I have a lot to say, sometimes I say nothing at all.

If people like me, great, if not, it's okay. I'm always going to be myself, and I'm not going to change to please anyone.

God and Mom made me, and they don't make junk.

I'll do the best with what I got, with the card I've been dealt.

That's all anyone could ever do.
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