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Early Morning...

Man...there's NOTHING on tv early in the morning..although there was something interesting on the History Channel where these people did a 3D mockup off the Shroud of Turin to show what Jesus'd really look like. That was cool.

Everything's been going well here, it's still bloody difficult w/o Mom here. My brother's bosses and co-workers were taking him back and forth to work, the going to is still fine, but the lady complained about the coming back, intimating almost that I couldn't be bothered to fetch him.

My car's in the bloody shop for one thing!

So I walked from my house ALL the way down to where he is, he works over in the next town, it's not like a TOWN but like one of those inbetween ones.

Took the White Album w/me, because you've gotta have tunes. The two times I've gone down there, people have given us rides home. So it's worked out. But I'll be danged if that woman's gonna succeed and make me look bad.

I have a real independent streak, so did Mom, I'm going to do the best I can to get things done on my own, when I need help I'll ask for it. Plus I'm an Aries...we're stubborn. But sometimes you've GOT to be! You know?

Watched WM26 w/my brother, it'd been a long time since I watched anything like that, but it was cool, he's really trying to share his stuff w/me, although I can't strongarm him to watch my stuff. Monty Python, maybe...Burn Notice, yes, Beatles, definite, Tudors..NO...


I've pretty near got the bills all caught up, we owe the funeral lady a thousand plus for the rest of Mom's expenses, Dad was supposed to step up, of course he DIDN'T. But Matt and I told her we were good for it from the beginning even if it was just little bits at a time.

We're going to get her a really pretty headstone, I'm going to see if I can get the poem I wrote for her on there, the one called "Hero", because she IS my hero, always has been and always will be. It should still be here but WAY back in the entries. I might post it again.

Writing's going pretty good, I've got a little JRM/OFC spy story I'm writing, a friend of mine's my Beta, plus the Beatle saga I'm writing for my Yahoo group. I bought the Anthology on DVD so that's helping the research.

Does anybody know good bands/songs to look for on I Tunes? I'm always looking for good stuff.

Jessie, THANKS MUCH for the birthday card! That was really sweet of you! I sent you an email to say thanks also.

Anyone who has Twitter, you're welcome to friend me, same as here, I'll happily return it. New friends are terrific :)

I wish I'd remembered to plug the battery in for the laptop because I've got to go do laundry in a couple of hours. But I didn't. A book'll do just fine :)
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